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Predator IKON 2 Pool Cue – Select Billiards Video Review – Click this link to see the full IKON 2 video review and deflection set

This cue features a Curly Maple butt sleeve along with a Charcoal Gray stain. The wrap is Predator’s own Leather Luxe wrap which feels great in your hand. The forearm also features the same curly maple with the Charcoal Grey stain.

This cue comes features a stainless steel joint with a Uni-Loc pin. It comes stock with a 314² shaft, which is a 12.75mm shaft with a pro taper. The IKON series of cues also have the option of shipping with A Z² shaft, which is 11.75mm or a 314² FAT shaft, which is 13.2mm. Be sure to watch Select Billiards’ Cue Overview video for more information about the different shaft types. The installed tip is an Tiger Everest Tip which is standard for just about every Predator shaft.
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Replace a new Kamui cue tip. Remove old tip. Prepare surface for new tip. Apply glue and tip. Shape new tip and operational test.

Simple Spin Shots- Tutorial

Although I don’t go into depth about these shots, once you start to notice the spin taking effect on your shot, continue to practice it until you really know when and how to use it. These shots are done a standard 7 foot English Pool Table.
Check out the simple side spin tutorial here:
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What pool cues do the pros use?

Top 10 pool players and the pool cues they play with:

Johnny Archer – Scorpion Cues
Antonio Lining – Ted Harris Custom Cues
Darren Appleton – Predator Cues
Dennis Orcollo – Arnot Q Custom Cues
Kuo Po-Cheng – Tad Cues
Niels Feijen – Longoni Cues
Francisco Bustamante – Mark Bear Custom Cues
Ralf Souquet – Joss Cues
Shane Van Boening – Cuetec Cues
Mika Immonen – Mezz Cues
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