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About Us

15 years ago, we created and failed miserably because pool is such a visual sport. Now, we bring YouTube videos to you, along with commentary and suggested products and resources. We know that buying pool supplies are expensive, so we only recommend the best products, and we sell directly through Amazon so that you get the best pricing.

By adopting these polices, we ensure that our visitors have the best resources without any of the worry associated with dealing with a website they may not know. After the 2017 Equifax privacy scandal, we deleted all out direct marketing. We don’t collect your private information. Instead, we put decades of experience as pool players to work for you by showcasing visual information, and suggesting products we know.

You can enjoy without any privacy concerns. If you choose to buy the products we suggest, the entire checkout process, and shipping, are handled by Amazon. We simply showcase the products we love.

We also believe in complete transparency. We occasionally receive a small commission, about 3% in many cases, on some of the products we showcase in our store. We use that money to pay to keep this website going. It’s not much, certainly not enough to temp us to steer you wrong. You can trust our recommendations. We’re not greedy. We just love pool, and we love to share what we know.


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